Itchen Images: Blog en-us (C) John Myall (Itchen Images) Tue, 27 Apr 2021 14:36:00 GMT Tue, 27 Apr 2021 14:36:00 GMT Itchen Images: Blog 120 120 Another Week in Devon Part 2 I took a trip one morning down to Shaldon to get some images of the Phillip Lucette Beacon. This is a small 'lighthouse' by the Ness at the entrance to the River Teign. The backlighting on the clouds was amazing so I captured a few images. I also tried some long exposures to smooth the water and the clouds. Here are a couple of edits.

Phillip Lucette Beacon.
Phillip Lucette Beacon

On Saturday, I went to Venford Reservoir and took a trek down to the falls on the Venford Brook. Unfortunately the sunlight was so strong that one fall was blown out and the other in deep shadow. I returned very early on Sunday before the sun crept up over the hills. Here are a couple from that session plus one of a lone tree at Combestone Tor.

Venford Falls Venford Falls

I then took a stroll around the reservoir and found a sheltered spot as it was blowing a gale! I got the fly rod out and spent a couple of hours fishing. Venford is a free fishing reservoir which had been stocked many years ago, but now contains wild brown trout. I had a couple of takes by small fish which I missed, and then hooked a 2 pounds wild brown trout which fought like hell and took me nearly 10 minutes to land! Lynda and I had it for dinner last night.


Here is a short video clip. Excuse the poor quality; it was difficult holding the GoPro in one hand whilst playing the fish with the other!




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Another Week in Devon Once again I have escaped lockdown. Problem is that I had not picked up the camera since September! Very much a case of 'use it or lose it!' I am obviously so out of practice.

I dragged the caravan down to Stover Park, Newton Abbot so I could visit the coast and Dartmoor.  I went to a couple of locations over the last couple of days and took numerous images, some of which looked ok on the camera monitor, but didn't live up to their promise when loaded on the laptop. More practice required!

Anyway, here are a few that I have processed. A couple of the River Plym near Shaugh Bridge, the Rivey Bovey, and Colly Brook at Peter Tavy.

River Plym

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Sussex View Spending a few days in the caravan on a working farm near Arundel. There is a lake on the farm brimming with very large carp. But I am not fishing this week.

Took a walk around the lake and made a few images with the tele lens and the macro lens. Here are a couple, a Black Tailed Skimmer dragonfly devouring a hoverfly (I think) and a Soldier Fly.

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A week in Devon I have escaped lockdown and spending a few days in Devon. Getting in a bit of fishing; I caught three Bass at Teignmouth, and one Brown Trout at Fernworthy Reservoir on Dartmoor. One of the bass ended up on my plate and was delicious! The brownie was too small so returned to the water to fight another day.

Here are a few of the images I have made.



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